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It is understandable that starting a business is expensive and cash flow can be an issue. Everyone tries to minimize expenses during the start-up period. There are so many decisions to make and each has a price tag. Selecting where you will receive your mail is one of the many choices you have.  A Virtual Mailbox is a great option.

While most people starting a business agree they do not want to give out their personal address, the issue becomes, “PO Box vs. Professional Mailing Address.” On the surface it seems an easy choice; a PO Box is less expensive and it may look like a better deal. However, you need to consider many factors when making this decision.

  • A mailing address is your first impression of your company. Having a professional mailing address provides a better company image. It assures your customers that you are a legitimate business with a permanent location.
  • Ability to receive packages and hand delivered mail.  A professional mailing address provides a live receptionist that can sign for packages and greet customers dropping documents or mail off.


  • Save time and gas.  With a professional mailing address you can call in to see if you have mail
    instead of wasting a trip to check.   Additionally, mail can be forwarded to your home or scanned to your email.


  • Relax and open your mail at the location. Unlike the small ledges or tables without seats at the  Post Office, a professional mailing address offers convenient lounge areas so you can sit and
    open your mail at your own pace.  Enjoy a cup of coffee and privacy as you view your mail.


  • Flexibility of contract length.  Most professional mailing addresses offer short-term
    This allows you to get the business up and running without a long term commitment.

Before making a decision of PO Box vs. professional mailing address and a Virtual Mailbox, you should consider what image
you  want your company to portray and what services are essential to your business.  Talk to small
business  owners in networking groups and get their opinion.  Visit the facility and talk with the staff –Really get a feel for the atmosphere.

Once you have weighed all the factors you can make an informed choice.

One Park Place Executive Office Suites, located in Boca Raton, FL offers a mailbox starting at $49.99. Call us to find out more. 561.995.1401.

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